Coordination of the Environmental and Feasibility Portions of the Sports Arena and Ball Fields Project between the City of Pico Rivera and USACE, California

  • Client

    City of Pico Rivera Department of Public Works

  • Value

    $6 Million

  • Services Provided

    Gather Information, Coordination and Meetings, Project Management, Hydrology and Hydraulic Evaluation, Review Geotechnical and Soil Information, Project Report

DRC performed a feasibility review and study for a multi-use building on property adjacent to the San Gabriel River within the Whittier Narrows Recreation area. The City of Pico Rivera maintains a long-term lease on the property, which the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers owns. DRC knows the Corps’ requirements to determine a project’s environmental conditions and its feasibility for development and, as such, provided excellent support to the city for a sports arena and for the area’s long-term development.

DRC staff had direct involvement in the flood evaluation, preparing guidelines and securing approvals for development within the Whittier Narrows area. The environmental portion of the project included a review of certain project details to develop an initial study and an environmental assessment that led to a mitigated negative declaration.

This project contract had two phases:

First phase:

  • Research documentation and review the site;
  • Evaluate flood and water runoff;
  • Review geotechnical and soils information; and
  • Prepare a Phase I report.

Second phase:

  • Coordinate with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers;
  • Develop and send a report to the departments of Fish & Game and Fish & Wildlife for review and comment;
  • Prepare the final report; and
  • Coordinate and oversee work on the project for the city and the Corps of Engineers.